(LGBTQIA) + Community Treatment Center

At Encino Detox Center, we believe that men and women should be celebrated for who they are. Each and every individual is unique, and we embrace this concept. For members of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) + community, we provide a safe inclusive and affirming environment, that promotes trusting relationships, personal and relational skills and the growth of a secure identity. We do not ‘treat’ LGBTQ+. We treat people in need regardless of identity or orientation.

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No one should feel uncomfortable in their own skin. This belief is vital during mental health and addiction treatment. Therefore, we take pride in providing the highest quality treatment in a comfortable and supportive setting.

Encino Detox Center  recognizes all people. We believe in you and your ability to overcome the challenges of mental health problems, addiction and addictive behaviors. In addition, our supportive staff will be by your side throughout the process.

 Encino Detox Center IS HERE FOR YOU

Our LGBTQ support services encourages the further development of self-esteem and prepares young adults for vital stages of development, empowerment, and safety. Moreover, we offer mental health and substance use treatment programming to help people wherever they may fall on the gender, identity, orientation, and sexuality spectrum to make healthy decisions, resolve conflict and improve relationships. 

Our inclusive safe space is rooted in acceptance and support at all times. Specifically, treatment combines weekly individual and group counseling, educational and experiential counseling. The level of care is determined through a combination of assessment, expressed needs, and insurance benefits without judgment or bias.

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