Families with Addiction

Addiction in the family is a painful and exhausting experience for all those who love someone struggling with the painful effects of addiction. A family member with a substance abuse problem will generally keep using, no matter the consequences. Because of certain chemical, psychological and neurological changes in the brain have been made. For example, if you were asked to jump as high as you could and the higher you jumped the better you would feel, would you jump from the ground or would you find a trampoline? Drugs are equal to a trampoline in that they generally make a person feel extraordinary, happy, peaceful and numb.

If you are a family member of someone struggling with addiction the first step is to stop blaming yourself for the actions of a loved one. Blame is not helping the problem and not helping to end addiction. Educate yourself about addiction to help ease your anxiety and the social and emotional stress caused by addiction in the family. Attendances at Al-Anon, Alateen or Nar-Anan help family members expand their knowledge and understanding, which reduces isolation and despair.

If you are making excuses for your loved one please ask yourself if you are responsible FOR, or responsible TO, your loved one. Addiction in the family is chaotic and often times will systematically decay relationships, trust and feelings of safety. Each family member has the responsibility to take care of himself or herself even if others do not validate it. At Encino Detox Center, families can find resources and tools needed to help end the cycle of addiction. We offer an array of services and support to anyone involved in the life of someone struggling with addiction. Our dedicated team of addiction specialists and licensed therapists will answer questions and help to empower you to stop the pain and loneliness attached to addiction in the family. You are never alone and always connected at Encino Detox Center.

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