A Quiet Mind: Relapse Prevention

Meditation calms the mind and can increase ones awareness through focused thought and observation. Meditation is especially helpful in the life of someone struggling with addiction as it helps to change old and often times negative patterns of thinking, ‘the fuel of self-destructive behaviors.’

Meditations and affirmations are an important part of treatment for addiction. When used in connection with other therapies and helpful relationships, meditation and affirmation can compliment the positive life enriching work underway to end the cycle of addiction. The specific benefits of meditation in the treatment of addiction and addictive behavior include:

o   A decrease in anxiety

o   A decrease in feelings of sadness and despair

o   An increase in stability, self-awareness and well-being

o   Reduction of the stress hormone Cortisol and reduces blood pressure.

An affirmation is a positive thought that is designed to empower, strengthen and change ones focus and stability. Negative, shame based thinking patterns are common with those struggling with an addiction. Negative messages are directed at oneself, which reinforces self-doubt, self-hatred, shame and guilt. As a result of these feelings a person is increasingly vulnerable to the emotional burden these thoughts carry with them. The drug or alcohol dependent person then uses their drug or behavior of choice to quite the mind and lessen their emotional pain.


         I give myself permission to change

         I am fully capable of learning to be gentle with myself

         I am doing the best I can and can allow myself to take my time

         I refuse to limit my potential today

         I appreciate the lessons I have learned from my addiction

         If I have a negative thought I can add something positive

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